Sunday, September 14, 2008

13 going on 30

"Why GOD? Why? " those were joey's words when he turned 30. Remember this episode of friends when they all turned 30 and how rachel felt about not achieving her dreams? Ross buying a sport car and phoebee jumping on some sort of a balloon.
Well, I've turned 30 today,Wow !!!!!!!!! I still can't connect the number(30) with me.. I'm not in my 20s anymore !!! Actually i don't care if i'm 70, but feeling that I could have done better decisions and choices in those years,that my life could have been a lot different.
It's not the end of the world, i really cherish the memories and people i collected all through the years and i'm so thankful for the life I've lived.
The blesses i had are countless,my parents are on the top of my list, fifo you're the best sister a person can have, you made my life so interesting and so easy, thank you for helping me with all the tiny details,thank you for being so patient with all the craziness and none sense i do.

Thursday, August 07, 2008


The other morning i was leaving to work (late as usual) when i dropped my keys at the door, i lifted them up to realize that i have keys that i don't know what they are for.
What if those keys have the access to certain doors? (like the secret room where my mother keeps the chocolate in :P) what if life goes this way as well? what if we have keys to a better life to a promising future but we don't know how to use? or we don't even know that we have them already?