Friday, September 30, 2005


I hate Fridays in general, but today just exceeded it all.... how boring my day was, the only thing i did today beside watching TV and surfing the net was going to the GYM and ahhh i saw a movie that i saw 2 years ago , it's " two weeks notice"... i like this movie, Hugh grant and sandra bullock make an interesting couple, don't u think ?!
why can't we have an ending like the one we see in movies, where everything goes right at the end ?? so2al '3abi i know, why can't we just live a story of our life?? so2al a'3ba..
the idea of finding "the one" always fascinates me, the whole relationships thing puzzles me.. we spend our entire life searching for this person, we may go for "the one" or we can settle for the most appropriate one!!! ouch i hate this... how can you share your life with some one you hardly know anything about him??? can't get the idea of arranged marriages...
when it comes to relationships i'm more like ally mcbeal, she spent her entire life searching , sometimes she met people who are perfect but to her she feels inside that this is not it... to her, relationships are what her life is based on, although she seems to have it all but she always have this issue and that is finding her someone....
 A friend of mine once told me that i actually have something in common with ally :P
There's an episode where she sang this song" Goodnight my someone", she was sending it to the anonymous someone, to the void.....

i liked the idea, so here i go ..... Good night my someone :p

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Traffic Lights

i totally liked the idea :) no more timless waiting, no more mo'7alafat ;)
i guess they should put it on every traffic light ;)

speaking of traffic lights, see this one :P

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

i was caught

my boss caught me sleeping today :P

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Autumn In Amman

i hate autumn and winter :(
i woke up today feeling gloomy, sorry Amman but i like you in spring and summer more...
i so much remembered school. really, this weather reminds me of first days of school, how depressing it was after a long summer vacation...
wish tomorrow will  be a shining day ;)

Monday, September 12, 2005

what a morning

every morning i come to work, park my car temporary in front of the main entrance just to check in and then start my daily morning round to find a parking for my car, today some security guy who seems to be kteeeer met7ammes started shouting at me when i parked in front of the entrance, i told him it'll just take less than a second but he didn't even listen and started shouting, i looked at him trying to understand what's his problem , i moved my car a little bit o nzelt mshan a'7tem ofcourse i was giving him this look of i wanna hit you :P then i entered my office to find that a cockroach was playing on my disk :( i had to clean the whole disk with all the drawers... yeah we have lots of them apparently :P
what a morning, hope the rest of my day will be ma2alab free :P

Tuesday, September 06, 2005


my friend and i started playing this game "reesheh", we started a month ago, to tell you the truth we started playing like  kids :P and we used to spend the whole game laughing and collecting el reesheh as we were somehow feena 7awal :P
But this has changed, you should see us playing now, of course there's no net :P but really we're doing great in this game, wel ta7sheesh that we have fans now :) yup, wlad el 7ara :P they set and watch with their heads going left and right sometimes they laugh at us but still we have FANS :P
we're thinking seriously of joining the Olympics for badminton game :P
you should try playing it, it's so refreshing and interesting game and it only costs 1.150 JD to buy the rackets and el reesheh !!!! wow :P how expensive is that..

Friday, September 02, 2005

Job Intreview

some one i know asked for my CV as his company has job Vacancies, so i sent my CV and the next day they called to tell me that they'er having an exam and i have to go, i managed to escape from my work and went for this test... me and some other 10 people were tagged with labels that have our names on them, then some girl came to guide us to the room where the exam is being conducted.. honestly i felt that we were sheep or something, metel el habayel kol 7ada 3alaih sticker following this girl until we reached the room, tab3an the exam was something '7ayali !!!!!! of course don't forget the security factor as if we're gonna steal their system, ino mamnoo3 net7arrak unless we're escorted with the same person who let us in... really what's wrong with those people, we're somehow a respectful humanbeings :P