Sunday, July 31, 2005

it was one nice complement i had yesterday.. i was at mecca mall at some place waiting for my sister to finish trying some outfits when this guy ( i guess he owns the place) came to me and started this conversation:
him: btodrosi inti??
me: no, i've finished.. i work now
him: REALLY???!!!!
me: yes
him: what exactly do you do??
me: (i hate shocking people with the word PROGRAMMER, so i go) u know i studied computer science so i'm kind of a programmer
him: you seem to be so young
me: well, i know every one keeps telling me this
him: so you're like 21??
me: no
him: 23?
me: no, i'm older than that.. don't be shocked but i'm 26.
him: no way??!!!! i thought you were tawjeehi or something
me: (smiling)
him: i'm 28, but you know something (here comes the complement :P) the one you'll end up with is such a lucky person as he'll always have someone who looks young. no matter how old you were you will always look young, i don't think that he'll look at any one else...
me: (trying ino astaw3eb el complement) emmmmm thank you :)

he totally made my day :)

Saturday, July 30, 2005

i hate el 3aj2a, yes i do very much... and sometimes i miss lots of things mshan "kteeer 3aj2a ma beddi".. yesterday i ignored this thing in me(this is part of the i wanna do things i don't usually do plan) and accepted the invitation to wael kfouri's concert in the global village!!!!! ohhhh my god sho 3aj2a kan... i lined in the long queue waiting to enter the stage with lots of kicking from here and there we entered but awkwardly i was happy as the company was fun and i needed such a thing after a stressed day at work....
i like his songs, he has a nice variety of new and old songs.. every one went like crazy when he started singing although he sang for only an hour and the crowd's voice was louder than his, but it was nice..

nice evening wael specially your song "5edni layk" i was lost in music ;)

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

here's the thing, playing "midtown madness" on the computer is one thing, but when amman turns to be a "madness" city, that i can't take!!!!
each day i go out and drive through the streets of amman i feel i'm the person inside the yellow beetle car, remember him?? from "midtown madness"???!!! people shouting at you, some taxi driver will hit you and then claim that it's your fault!!!!!! execuse me but you hit me from the back, from the back!!!! and ahhhh the new trend now is people being hit by cars.. i've witnessed one and heard about a couple of stories where someone trying to cross the street and ooooops he's hit by a car... ino sho el 2osssa???
tab3an 2enso the idea that if you wanna go to a place that normally takes 10 minutes to reach, it'll take you one hour now with a wrinkled clothes as a bonus :P
i want my old amman back :(

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

yesterday i was watching OPRAH with my sister, she was talking about working mothers. she brought some women to talk about how they do it, how can they manage between their jobs and their family... and i was amazed, some of them would wake up at 4.30 AM so she can be able to finish some stuff before she goes to work, then after spending a long day at work she would come back home to be with her kids and she would go to sleep at 11.30 PM, that would give her only 5 hours to sleep DAILY!!!!!!!! what a life!!!!!!! can you imagine yourself living such a life???? i can't do this.
ya3ni ino ok it's nice to have a career and so but if this thing would stop me from having a life then sorry i'll pass...
i don't wanna enjoy my life when i'm 60 or 70!!!!!!

Monday, July 18, 2005

i'll start with a hi, i'm at work and suddenly my mind seems to be blank..
no words are coming out..
i'll work on that issue and start posting the things i want to say ;)