Sunday, April 24, 2011

what to expect when you are expecting

My sister (best friend) is pregnant, she's in week 16 now which means she still have five months to go. Being excited about the idea and since i'm observing what's going on with her closely i decided to write about the funny part of pregnancy.
I’m not interested in talking about all the stuff that's happening inside the womb and how the baby is growing, well anyone can Google that and find plenty of articles telling you all about it, but I’m more into "what to expect from the people surrounding you".
when you first tell them the news with a big smile on your face mixed with plenty of anxiety that can be easily seen, they'll tell you congratulations "mabrook" but lets just wait to make sure even though the blood test proves it's 100% positive. (they'll start talking about the gender + the name).
All the ex-pregnants will start giving you the names of their doctors, the hospitals, the stretch marks cream you'll be using and what to expect through the 9 months journey all in less than one hour, not to forget their collection of stories about the ladies who died during delivery or their own miscarriage experience
After getting the confirmation from your doctor that you are really pregnant and gives you the very first picture of the baby (which is by the way a vague one) every one will start asking is it a boy or a girl? do you have names? but deep inside you can see that 80% of them are wishing and hoping it's going to be a baby boy !!!!!!!!.
Now, your face and attitude are very crucial at this moment since the 4-D ultrasound machine can't determine the gender yet. ya3ni if you're sleeping too much it's a sign that the baby is a girl, if by any chance you didn't look at your best then you're getting ugly and that means it's a baby boy, if you enjoy the smell of lemon then the baby is going to be a beautiful one, bla bla bla.....
If you didn't make up your mind on a name don't worry you'll be receiving lots of help, some will send you a list, some will start beautifying their names for you, some will give you the weirdest names you can imagine but all will dislike any name you mention.
To be continued.....