Thursday, December 29, 2005


every one dreams of Utopia, we build images of it in our minds.. we have dreams about making it true..
but what's the definition of it?

in "ANTZ" Utopia to them was a trash bin!!! ironic huh?!!!

Friday, December 23, 2005

bad habbits

i was tagged to say five bad habbits i have.. hmmmm

1. i keep changing the radio channels while driving to the extent that i drive every one crazy..

2.i can never say the thing i wanna say, i keep talking about everything but the thing
i wanna say.

3. if i eat fruits they have to be cut into cubes!!! what's wrong with eating a whole fruit :P

4. if i see a phone i have to use it...

i have some more but i can't remember them now, so i'll keep 5 open till i remember one...

Thursday, December 22, 2005


do u remember the movie "chocolat"??
the person behind this movie is such a talented one, to come up with all the recipes, to make the concept of a movie out of something so tasteful yet so simple as chocolate..
what i liked about that movie is the drink she makes, a raw coco drink with chili pepper. i always wondered how that would taste like.. i recently had the chance to try it :) a chocolate drink with chili pepper, to be honest it wasn't exactly the way i expected, but it was nice.. it's not like a chocolate powder, it's a melted chocolate!!!! wow
still there are like 10 more flavours to try... mint, hazlenut,......
i wonder if the "chocolat" people can give me the reipe for that drink!!! hmmmm

Tuesday, December 20, 2005


people at work started complaining about the amount of radiations we go through each day.
first we go through the metal detector (going in and out).. then the electronic access machines (again twice a day)...
hmmm i think they have a sort of paln to vanish all the employees by the end of 2006 :P

Thursday, December 15, 2005

is it really december?

no, it's not spring yet, still we are in DECEMBER!!!!!

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

"matchbox" hammers!!!

They look like toys...
It's funny how Amman is becoming a crowded city.

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

moments in movies

i started this thing a year ago, i'm making my collection of movies that consists of every movie ever touched me..
no matter how good a movie was, still you can't remember every detail, but there is a certain part that goes deep into your heart and remains there.. it inspires you to change something or to dream bigger or simply to enjoy life...

today as i was feeling a little bit down, i went to my collection and picked a few movies to see.. i saw the beginning of "13 going on 30" and managed to continue "runaway bride".. old ones i know but this is my collection, it varies from old ones to new..

"13 going on 30" simple but yet so joyful movie, it just change my mood... yet it has this idea, how we sometimes get drifted while growing up, how our dreams vanish sometimes, how we lose touch with the true things that brings joy to our life..

"runaway bride" has this part where julia goes at the end of the movie to richard and tells him how during all her relations she knew every tiny detail of her partner's life but no one ever managed to know the real her of course except him, then she goes on repeating to him the proposal he suggested... to tell you the truth OMG what a proposal, so real...

"you've got mail" what a lovely movie, so peaceful, so funny... it has this part when she sends him an e-mail after they were supposed to meet but he comes as 'joe fox" and not the "ny152" she tells him that"the odd thing about this form of communication is that you're more likely to talk about nothing than something but i just wanna say that all this nothing has meant more to me than so many somethings"....

"notting hill" when julia goes to hugh's shop and tells him "i'm just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her" i like the soundtrack of this movie along with"my best friend's wedding"

i can go on for ever, "shakespear in love" what a passionate movie, i never liked Gwyneth Paltrow until this movie... "top gun" to me tom cruise is top gun o bas, the planes, wow...

i guess i'll keep updating this post every now and then....

Monday, December 05, 2005

technology or?

yesterday we officially started using the new machines, i came to work a little bit late (hushh, don't tell any one) and like a very civilized person i went directly to the machine (placed at our floor) and i checked in, as i was in a hurry i didn't wait to see if the machine accepted the code or not... two hours later i was talking with some girl and she told me that the machine on our floor wasn't configured yet and all the employees had to use another machine... i went like huh??!!!! but , i checked in from that machine !!! i picked up the phone and called the HR and told them my story... they were so understanding... if only you could see el 3aj2a by the end of the day when all the employees had to check out!!!! OMG, i waited 15 mints for my turn.. el mafrood that they placed a machine in every floor but some aren't working yet..

today i came to work, again a little bit late( again don't tell any one, this time with serious tone :P) i ran into the machine (the only working one) to find out that there was a line of people waiting to use it, i looked at my watch, it's not supposed to be 3aj2a as i was late..
the funniest part was that this machine went down !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it's not working either !!!!!!
so most of the employees today didn't check in!!!!!!! so most of the employees i guess will leave early today !!!!!! i'm still laughing...
The whole idea of those machines is to control el dawam, but the opposite just happened..
finally, technology is doing us a big favor.... or is it the opposite of technology that is standing on our side??

Friday, December 02, 2005

2o'7tomly be taree2ak

it's a common thing when you work that sometimes you just give your ID card to one of the colleagues and ask them to pass it in the electronic access machine for you, well i'm sorry to tell you that those days are gone...
new machines were added that depends on the finger prints or something.....
 Starting Sunday we will be using it officially !!!!!!

the instructions are the funniest part...

Monday, November 28, 2005


i'm starting a training course tomorrow, my boss asked me today to check the training room and prepare it for tomorrow, and by that he meant to supervise the preparations.. i went to see the training room and i found out that we have to move about 5 computers from one room to another, i thought well i can never do this !!!!! so i called one of the guys that i work with to help me, he was kind enough that he moved all the computers by himself !!!! yeah all the guys are attending another training course somewhere else. all i had to do is to connect things togother and check if the computers were connected to the network..
so girls don't ask for equality cause really we're doing fine here ;) masakeen el shabab :P

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

A week

a week has passed and yet i'm feeling sad...

God bless our Jordan....

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

end of an era...

my friend left to abu dhabi two weeks ago, she got married and went there...
i've known her for 7.5 years!!!!! she's really my best friend... and now i'm really missing everything.. i miss our drives at "abdoun", i miss how we used to park the car near " gerard" having ice cream in the summer and"sa7lab" in winter watching almost every person and every car, i miss the hours we spent on their balcony eating nuts and chips, talking about everything, i miss the movie nights at my house, i miss how we used to discover new places and try them instantly, i miss chili cheese fries and how they used to make us "msatleen", and though the hours we spent shopping used to drive me crazy as she's picky but now i miss them too, i miss our days at university with all the fun we had.. i miss the lunch breaks..
today i went to her house and visited her family, it was weired her not being there..
hope u'll have a great life and to achieve what u really want and thank u for sharing me the last wonderful 8 years of our lives....


i miss the year 2004 alot, i kept telling every one this but they used to laugh at me and telling me hey stop having those stupid thoughts !!!! but seriously it was such a peaceful and great year for me.... i guess everyone would agree specially after those events...
but the reason or reasons behind why i liked 2004 are :
1) i spent most of it not working and this to me was a bless as i had the chance to do the things i really wanted to do... now with the long working hours i hardly have time to do anything, and i'm working on a system that's somehow very Sophisticated and gives me a feeling of frustration alot... till now i hate going to work, i didn't have peace with the pressure,i hate waking up so early and most of the times i'm really late...
2) i had the chance to travel alot in that year not like now, i didn't go any place further than "zowadeh"... kidding i went to dead sea :P
3) i spent this summer attending a course (again, for work) from 4 pm till 8 pm, that means spending 12 hours of my day doing things for work !!!!!! and as a result of that i didn't enjoy amman this summer...
3) i had inner peace, and that's something i miss now..
4) the list is too long i can go on forever, but i'll just say that AMMAN wasn't hurt last year and that's a major reason for missing 2004 ...

Friday, November 11, 2005

in their eyes..

they didn't really get what was happening... but when they saw the demonstrations outside the house they insisted on wearing "7atta" and started drawing the flag....
those r my two nieces.....

"mawteni"... my homeland

remember this song?? how we used to sing it when we were kids?? today i heared it on the radio... it was like listining to it for the first time.....

Thursday, November 10, 2005

sad, so sad

the newspaper today wasn't delivered to our house, i guess the delivery guy was afraid to pass our street or something....
i stayed home today as our street was really crowded and full of events, so i thought of making a home delivery then i thought, how will the people on the other line act when they ask for the address??!!! u know the first building after the radisson sas hotel !!!!!
i don't think they would've done that, so i cancelled the whole idea and just stayed home watching the demonstrations and feeling really angry and sad for what happened...
the worst feeling today was when i woke up this morning, it was like waking from a dream except it was true.. i went directly to the window to find that everything was so quite!!!!
it hurts, really hurts so much...

so people try to be more concedirate, it's not a fun something, the demonstrations r for a cause so stick to it...

"al maseera" ... demonstration

the first pics is how the maseera started..
some TV station guy was shooting from our house..
the policemen were giving kids flags and pics for king Abdallah then kissing them( kissing the kids)...

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

my beloved amman

our house is in the middle between radisson and hyatt... i've never seen our street so empty... u hear nothing but the sounds of ambulances,fire engines and police cars.. the scene of people covered in white hurts so much.... i tried to take pics, but it's not easy coz really it's so hard to do so in such situation...

as i said the pics mo kteer wad7een, allah yer7am the innocent people who was killed for no reason.... may allah bless our beloved amman...

u can't imagine how i felt when i heared the news as i was outside the house, it took me for ever to go back as the streets were crowded and the police didn't let me go to my house, i had to park my car a little bit away and walked... it was a hard time for me and my family...

Friday, November 04, 2005

Wednesday, November 02, 2005


i usually like to have a drive in ramadan before iftar, and i usually take it right after i finish work, though it's so 3aj2a but i like doing it... i go to buy anything like 2atayef just to enjoy every minute of my day... i don't complain about the traffic or how people get crazy while driving as i'm doing this for fun and i'm not in a hurry...
today i went to bring 2atayef, the place i buy from is a very well organized one, it has been like this since the beggining of ramadan, u don't wait, as they have everything ready, u just order and in less than a minute u can take ur order and leave as they prepare everything inadvance, but today it was so different, it was so crowded as if people didn't eat 2atayef the entire month !!!! i wanted to park my car so i was waiting for some guy to leave, i gave a signal that i wanna park here, then out of a suddedn a woman came and wanted to take the place, can't she see that am waiting with a signal , i was faster and parked the car, she started shouting as if i was the mistaken person here!!!!!!! am not the kind of people who shout or fight but she really annoyed me, so all what i said was "i was giving u a signal that i wanna park" and left to queue and wait for my turn to have 2atayef, i waited like 20 mintues !!!!!
ok, the point is people those are the last days of ramadan so stay calm, mo mestahleh ...

am really gonna miss ramadan, i love this month, i can't believe that we'll go back to our daily routine :( i so much enjoyed it..

Sunday, October 23, 2005

car wash

this is an inside view while the car is being washed... interesting

chocolate fountain

No comment !!!!!!!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Early bird.......

i can't believe my self, i went to work today at 7.20 !!!!!!!! 2enjaz
I'm tooo sleepy :( and believe me the only good thing i gained from getting early to work is a good parking for my car :P

Sunday, October 16, 2005

If only...

One of the options you have when u post anything here is "delete", you can delete your post, you can as well edit that post.
how would it be like if we can do such a thing in real life??!!!!!!!!!!!!
if we can delete certain parts of our life??? if we can edit that part?? wouldn't that be an amazing thing to do??
yeah i know all that talking about the experiences we go through in life and how everything you face changes something in you , the way you think and your personality but sometimes there are certain things that you just can't handle, that you really wish they never happened.. you start asking your self, how my life would've been if that certain thing didn't happen??
I'm talking about the tiniest detail that may have annoyed you in your life, it doesn't have to be a disastrous thing in order to regret it and wish it never happened, sometimes you wish that you can delete the best thing ever happened to u !!!!!!!


Saturday, October 15, 2005


yup, they found the car today... the police called us in the morning and told us that the car was found in "we7dat" :) to tell u the truth i didn't expect to find it in such a short time..
the car was in a good status, only the fuel was empty and that's the reason why they had to leave it ( i mean the one who stole it)..
it seems that they just wanted to have a drive, to have fun during the weekend :P

Friday, October 14, 2005

stolen car

one of our cars was stolen :(
it was parked infront of the house then suddenly it was missing..
my brothers started the search process now, hopefully they will find it...

Wednesday, October 12, 2005


What to do when you  feel that all your dreams are gone, when everything you believe in is suddenly wrong??

So Frustrating......

Saturday, October 08, 2005


I've done something today that i usually don't do... well I've cooked
the funny part was that the whole family wanted to try it so my mother didn't cook :S no backup no support..
masakeen they had to eat it :P
it wasn't fun and i don't know how my mother do it, i mean cooking every day, specially in ramadan, you  have to feed every body at the same time and there's no mercy, after fasting for hours no one will wait extra minute after "2adan"...
the menu for today was: -chicken with lemon and mint
-pasta(spaghetti with red sauce and meat)
wallah they were nice, they need some adjustments in the future bas wallah mashi 7alhom kan...

Friday, October 07, 2005

Before Iftar

One of the things i like doing in ramadan is to go for a drive before Iftar.. Many would say that this is a stupid thing to do specially how people go crazy before "Iftar" but i go like an hour before it or even 2 hours sometimes...
this will keep me a little bit occupied and stop thinking about food :P
today i went for "this drive" and took some pics , i'll post some very soon :)

30 mints are left for "2adan" :P

Wednesday, October 05, 2005


Don't search for recipes while fasting :P

Monday, October 03, 2005


Stop shaking my bed!!!!!! i'll be up in a minute !!!
hmmmm i don't think that someone is shaking the bed, i've been through this thing before, yeah
here we go again, it's another "hazzeh"...
my sister looked at me and said, you felt it?? yup i did...
shortly my parents were up, all gathered in the living room, asking the same question, did you feel it??
i opened the TV to see if JTV has something to say about it, but nope, i found "2efta7 ya semsem" instead :D so i sat and watched ;) every one went back to sleep right away!!!! i stayed for like 45 minutes then i went to bed... i was late for work :P but hey i have an excuse "beside i was watching 2efta7 ya semsem, kan fee hazzeh" :P
inshallah nothing bad will ever happen, we don't mind being "shaked" every now and then as we really need such a thing to start thinking of our life differently, to start appreciating that we're alive...
may allah bless us all :)

Friday, September 30, 2005


I hate Fridays in general, but today just exceeded it all.... how boring my day was, the only thing i did today beside watching TV and surfing the net was going to the GYM and ahhh i saw a movie that i saw 2 years ago , it's " two weeks notice"... i like this movie, Hugh grant and sandra bullock make an interesting couple, don't u think ?!
why can't we have an ending like the one we see in movies, where everything goes right at the end ?? so2al '3abi i know, why can't we just live a story of our life?? so2al a'3ba..
the idea of finding "the one" always fascinates me, the whole relationships thing puzzles me.. we spend our entire life searching for this person, we may go for "the one" or we can settle for the most appropriate one!!! ouch i hate this... how can you share your life with some one you hardly know anything about him??? can't get the idea of arranged marriages...
when it comes to relationships i'm more like ally mcbeal, she spent her entire life searching , sometimes she met people who are perfect but to her she feels inside that this is not it... to her, relationships are what her life is based on, although she seems to have it all but she always have this issue and that is finding her someone....
 A friend of mine once told me that i actually have something in common with ally :P
There's an episode where she sang this song" Goodnight my someone", she was sending it to the anonymous someone, to the void.....

i liked the idea, so here i go ..... Good night my someone :p

Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Traffic Lights

i totally liked the idea :) no more timless waiting, no more mo'7alafat ;)
i guess they should put it on every traffic light ;)

speaking of traffic lights, see this one :P