Thursday, December 22, 2005


do u remember the movie "chocolat"??
the person behind this movie is such a talented one, to come up with all the recipes, to make the concept of a movie out of something so tasteful yet so simple as chocolate..
what i liked about that movie is the drink she makes, a raw coco drink with chili pepper. i always wondered how that would taste like.. i recently had the chance to try it :) a chocolate drink with chili pepper, to be honest it wasn't exactly the way i expected, but it was nice.. it's not like a chocolate powder, it's a melted chocolate!!!! wow
still there are like 10 more flavours to try... mint, hazlenut,......
i wonder if the "chocolat" people can give me the reipe for that drink!!! hmmmm


osray said...

Merry Christmas Ghaloosh, I have tagged you for a weird habit thing. You can read my blog. Name five weird habits you have that you may or may not want to share with us. If you choose not to participate, That is OK too.

Jad said...

I learn black magic when I were in Africa, now I can predict 'How Ghaloosh 2006' will be.

A Chocolat skinnable girl weight over 150Kg carrying candy box.

GraY FoX said...

wow that is really nice and yum yum.... damn .... I love chocolate
and my fave actually is mint-flavored chocolate... you should try some from my best .. it's called " after eight "
i used to get those choclate chips from denmark..... dont know if there are any in jordan ;) trust me it's the best.
then comes the cinammon chocolate..
but just wondering .. might there be any smoked-chocolate ??

ghaloosh said...

we have after eight here, i liked too... they had an orange flavoured after eight as limited edition... i like chocolate as well, can't live without it..

jad.. i guess u have to change ur prediction :P