Tuesday, January 10, 2006


Ohhh how tired i am at this moment, it was a hectic day, but i liked it :)
As i said before i just love "el wa2feh" with all the "3aj2a" it brings.. i spent the whole day going from one place to another bringing stuff for tomorrow..i tend to keep some stuff till today so as to feel the spirit of 3eed..
I'm the one in charge of bringing the "ma3mool" and chocolate for the house, it's my job to search for new places to buy "ma3mool" from, (yeah we don't have a homemade ma3mool :P) and this is one of the things i enjoy, trying new places.. sometimes i get a credit for doing my job right and sometimes i'm just criticized for the choice i made. so it's not an easy job after all :P this time seems i'll get some credit ;)

every "wa2feh" and every "3eed" i just feel so blessed, for so many things, for being able to get the things i want , for being able to celebrate "3eed" without having to worry about anything in the world, for and for.......... they're just countless..
I keep reminding my self that "3eed" isn't an ornament we buy to decorate our houses with but it's more about feelings, to feel with those that can't enjoy "3eed" for so many reasons and to do our best to bring joy and happiness to them as much as we can...
feelings for the ones close to us, to appreciate, to connect and to be a better person..

we all remember "3eed" when we were kids, and every time we just say that "3eed" isn't the same as it was when were younger, that may be true but today i just thought about it, it can't end at a certain age, i think that we should at every stage of our life develop a way to enjoy it..

hope every one will have a blessed and joyful "3eed"


Khaled said...

Happy Eid.
Eid will never be the same again :(
There's no 3edyat :P

ghaloosh said...

i feel sorry for u as i still get some :P

Jad said...

Nazzal, don't remind me about 3edyat, I have to put up 150JD today :(

Listen up, if you saw me selling chewing gum on the street in the next few days, DO NOT WONDER.
and please no photos :-)

Happy eid Ghalia.

ghaloosh said...

150 !!! tell me where ur giving the 3eydeyeh so i can line up :P
seriously to whom r u gonna give this amount of money??
but i know what ur talking about, i had to give my nephews and nieces 3eedeyat :(
happy eid jad..

Jad said...

Ghalia, I have 7 nieces, 3 nephews.
yaa3ni homa bekhalfo we e7na benetkhozag!