Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Lemon chicken

My friend and I had a reservation at the Chinese restaurant "Ren Chai" at 7.30 last Thursday, and thanks to me we arrived there at 8 !!!!! Ever since we started the summer time, i'm late for everything, seriously, i can't make it on time.. I'm late for work (emmmm actually i'm always late for work :P) i'm late for any appointment i have !!!
The place is really amazing, the food, oh my god, the food was great, but we were served by the most annoying waiter you can ever imagine.. After a while we felt that him and the other waitresses were whispering about us :P
Our reservation ends at 9, we've finished eating around that time and waited for any one to give us the bill so we can leave, Mr. Annoying came telling us that we have to finish because they needed the table !!!!! ya3ni kaman shwai kan ra7 yemsekna o ytal3na barra :P i told him that we were just waiting for the bill and it was their fault that they didn't bring it earlier !!!
Anyways, despite that annoying waiter, i'm still going to visit that place every now and then to eat their lemon chicken dish..


Dar said...

Shaheteeeni !!

ghaloosh said...

u should try it.the food is amazing ;)