Monday, September 10, 2007

Happy birthday

Instead of sending u an e-card or an e-mail,i thought of dedicating this post to u. Happy birthday bara'a, my "walking" partner :) Hope you are enjoying your 20th birthday :P
It's nice to have you in my life as you're really such a sweet person.

i know you will  kill me for posting this pic ;) i'll post something about our walks in a short time.
Enjoy your day ;)


Anonymous said...

Thaaaanks a loooot my sweet friend
really u make my day :D
tab low 2elteli u will make that kenet ya3ni zabatna 7alnah shwi ;)
In fact we are " Partners Adventurers " ;)
it's great to have u in my life as a wonderful friend and more than friend....
thanks dear...

ghaloosh said...

that's the beauty of this pic, ya3ni what do u expect ykoon shekel el 7ada @ 8 am on a friday morning :P mnee7 2elli ma rdeet ino tsawreeni :P
happy birthday once again.

evoexplorer said...

hello,how are u there.??