Wednesday, December 26, 2007

a year not wasted

As tom hanks playing the role of Joe fox in u've got mail said "the god father has the answer to everything", i would say that "ally mcbeal" does have the answer to everything at least for me.
Even though the answers and even the issues they raise doesn't make sense, but in a way they tend to make things come together at the end and come up with an extremely thoughtful idea that never passed ur mind.
From all the things that have been said on the show i'll quote this, since it's the end of the year:
"if u think back and replay ur year, if it doesn't bring back tears either of joy and sadness, consider the year wasted"
Looking back at 2007, i guess it wasn't a year wasted at all as so many tears will fall, tears of sadness,a little bit of happiness,regret,....
Never in my life have i experienced life the way i did this year,i never had to deal with serious issues like i did , so many decisions i had to take that had a major influence on my life, some i regret,some were perfect and some ,well i still don't know their impact yet..
I wish and hope that 2008 will take away all the bad mood i had to go through in 2007, and no matter how tough and real we turn to be, we should always keep a space for our dreams and innocence to blossom.

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