Monday, October 03, 2005


Stop shaking my bed!!!!!! i'll be up in a minute !!!
hmmmm i don't think that someone is shaking the bed, i've been through this thing before, yeah
here we go again, it's another "hazzeh"...
my sister looked at me and said, you felt it?? yup i did...
shortly my parents were up, all gathered in the living room, asking the same question, did you feel it??
i opened the TV to see if JTV has something to say about it, but nope, i found "2efta7 ya semsem" instead :D so i sat and watched ;) every one went back to sleep right away!!!! i stayed for like 45 minutes then i went to bed... i was late for work :P but hey i have an excuse "beside i was watching 2efta7 ya semsem, kan fee hazzeh" :P
inshallah nothing bad will ever happen, we don't mind being "shaked" every now and then as we really need such a thing to start thinking of our life differently, to start appreciating that we're alive...
may allah bless us all :)

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