Friday, September 30, 2005


I hate Fridays in general, but today just exceeded it all.... how boring my day was, the only thing i did today beside watching TV and surfing the net was going to the GYM and ahhh i saw a movie that i saw 2 years ago , it's " two weeks notice"... i like this movie, Hugh grant and sandra bullock make an interesting couple, don't u think ?!
why can't we have an ending like the one we see in movies, where everything goes right at the end ?? so2al '3abi i know, why can't we just live a story of our life?? so2al a'3ba..
the idea of finding "the one" always fascinates me, the whole relationships thing puzzles me.. we spend our entire life searching for this person, we may go for "the one" or we can settle for the most appropriate one!!! ouch i hate this... how can you share your life with some one you hardly know anything about him??? can't get the idea of arranged marriages...
when it comes to relationships i'm more like ally mcbeal, she spent her entire life searching , sometimes she met people who are perfect but to her she feels inside that this is not it... to her, relationships are what her life is based on, although she seems to have it all but she always have this issue and that is finding her someone....
 A friend of mine once told me that i actually have something in common with ally :P
There's an episode where she sang this song" Goodnight my someone", she was sending it to the anonymous someone, to the void.....

i liked the idea, so here i go ..... Good night my someone :p

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