Wednesday, November 02, 2005


i usually like to have a drive in ramadan before iftar, and i usually take it right after i finish work, though it's so 3aj2a but i like doing it... i go to buy anything like 2atayef just to enjoy every minute of my day... i don't complain about the traffic or how people get crazy while driving as i'm doing this for fun and i'm not in a hurry...
today i went to bring 2atayef, the place i buy from is a very well organized one, it has been like this since the beggining of ramadan, u don't wait, as they have everything ready, u just order and in less than a minute u can take ur order and leave as they prepare everything inadvance, but today it was so different, it was so crowded as if people didn't eat 2atayef the entire month !!!! i wanted to park my car so i was waiting for some guy to leave, i gave a signal that i wanna park here, then out of a suddedn a woman came and wanted to take the place, can't she see that am waiting with a signal , i was faster and parked the car, she started shouting as if i was the mistaken person here!!!!!!! am not the kind of people who shout or fight but she really annoyed me, so all what i said was "i was giving u a signal that i wanna park" and left to queue and wait for my turn to have 2atayef, i waited like 20 mintues !!!!!
ok, the point is people those are the last days of ramadan so stay calm, mo mestahleh ...

am really gonna miss ramadan, i love this month, i can't believe that we'll go back to our daily routine :( i so much enjoyed it..

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