Monday, August 21, 2006

Both alive

wow, it has been a while since i've posted anything in here, and the reason is that i've been having such a busy life .. beside my sister's wedding a month ago, work is taking like 99% of my time and that's really frustrating.. i hate it when work starts to take over my social life..
i have so many things to write about so i'll start one by one..
as for now i'm still alive and trying to keep this blog alive as well ;)


Jad said...

Welcome back 7ajeh!

ghaloosh said...

thank u ;)

Dar said...

For a while i thouht that we have lost you , bs al 7amdolellah anaki 7ayaton - not a snake - torzakeen :)


ghaloosh said...

dar, am still 7ayyah again not a snake :P i hate snakes by the way..