Wednesday, August 23, 2006

would u?

Something nice happened today on my way to work, the traffic suddenly stopped on the other side, a military person has stopped his car just to help an old man pass the street!!!

It felt like the stories they used to tell when we were kids :) i don't know how many people would do the same? i can't be sure of my answer as i'm not sure if i'll do the same if i were him... i don't think that i'll stop the traffic just to do so !!!


Jad said...

Maybe you wont do it because people will hit you with their nice mouths if you do it unlike the military man, his uniform intimidates them

ghaloosh said...

he didn't intimdate them as some didn't stop using the horn, but he didn't care..

Dar said...

Do u know sometimes i am driving and someone wants to cut the street bs i cant really stop , cuz he cross it from a place that if i would stop the car behind me will hit me ! Hadool 3anjad be2harooo !