Tuesday, August 30, 2005


have you ever heard of a cockroach's memo??? well yesterday at work we had a visitor at our office, you're right it's a cockroach, shouting, screaming and chasing until allah yer7amo he was dead... so we called the cleaning company and told them that it's not acceptable to have such creatures at our offices and this wasn't the first time to have such visitors, okو here's the NAHFEH part, their manager asked us to write a memo explaining the situation so they can take an action!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can't imagine the situation here, all is laughing bas we did it and wrote a cockroach's memo :P 3anjad nahfeh


Basbooos said...

sho ghareeeeeb....how do these people think??? shar el baleyyatu ma yod7ek

ghaloosh said...

really it's funny ;) i have a copy of the memo i'll try to post it :P