Friday, September 02, 2005

Job Intreview

some one i know asked for my CV as his company has job Vacancies, so i sent my CV and the next day they called to tell me that they'er having an exam and i have to go, i managed to escape from my work and went for this test... me and some other 10 people were tagged with labels that have our names on them, then some girl came to guide us to the room where the exam is being conducted.. honestly i felt that we were sheep or something, metel el habayel kol 7ada 3alaih sticker following this girl until we reached the room, tab3an the exam was something '7ayali !!!!!! of course don't forget the security factor as if we're gonna steal their system, ino mamnoo3 net7arrak unless we're escorted with the same person who let us in... really what's wrong with those people, we're somehow a respectful humanbeings :P

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