Wednesday, August 03, 2005

my car stopped in the middle of the 5th circle this morning on my way to work!!!! all the cars went like crazy o beeeeeeeeeeeep... what a way to start the day.. i managed to move it few inches away from the circle and called my father to pick me up. the normal reaction would have been ma2sah but i managed to stay calm and cool, i remembered that i had a mint kit kat bar with me yes a mint kit kat ohhhh how i love kit kat mint and kit kat orange.. el mohem talla3et el kit kat and started eating it, i felt that i should make an ad for kit kat company, the one that goes have a break, have a kit kat... of course i felt the people were looking at me what  with this person, but i didn't care.. i'm the one with a broken car so i should do whatever i want..
hope no one would go through haik shee :(

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