Sunday, July 31, 2005

it was one nice complement i had yesterday.. i was at mecca mall at some place waiting for my sister to finish trying some outfits when this guy ( i guess he owns the place) came to me and started this conversation:
him: btodrosi inti??
me: no, i've finished.. i work now
him: REALLY???!!!!
me: yes
him: what exactly do you do??
me: (i hate shocking people with the word PROGRAMMER, so i go) u know i studied computer science so i'm kind of a programmer
him: you seem to be so young
me: well, i know every one keeps telling me this
him: so you're like 21??
me: no
him: 23?
me: no, i'm older than that.. don't be shocked but i'm 26.
him: no way??!!!! i thought you were tawjeehi or something
me: (smiling)
him: i'm 28, but you know something (here comes the complement :P) the one you'll end up with is such a lucky person as he'll always have someone who looks young. no matter how old you were you will always look young, i don't think that he'll look at any one else...
me: (trying ino astaw3eb el complement) emmmmm thank you :)

he totally made my day :)

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Jad said...

Welcome to the planet miss young!