Sunday, March 19, 2006

Great to have you back

i was sitting in my office today feeling bored, i heard a noise outside someone was asking about me !!!!! i couldn't see who was it as the door was blocking.. when suddenly my friend who has been away for four months now just came in !!!!!!! oh my god what a surprise it was, i couldn't believe that she was actually in my office, she's here in Amman !!!!!!!!

Of course those four months were like yesterday, we continued exactly from the last time we saw each other.. in a few hours we were back doing our usual stuff..

I just wanna say, it's great to have u here, we really missed you ;)


Jad said...

Welcome back la sa7bitek 7ajeh

Jad said...

aiwa aiwa, sa7beteek harabat ma3ha el influ ?

ghaloosh said...

sheklo, i saw a bird trying to come out from her bag :P

Dar said...

Well that sounds good to make u that much happy !:)