Saturday, March 18, 2006

A walk on the cloud

My friend and i decided to start walking (this decision has nothing to do with weight or ulker's labaneh :P) .... we started almost two weeks ago, no matter how tired we were, we just gather any energy we have and start a one hour walk..
after almost 2 weeks, here some notes to consider if you decide to walk in Amman:
1. Amman is known for it's mountains, ya3ni u'll spend most of your walk tloo3

2. Dogs are part of the population now,you'll have to cope with this idea, act cool and calm if you saw a dog half your size looking at you wishing to have the chance to jump over you (there's one street that has a great view, we're dying to walk there, but thanks to this huge unleashed dog, we can't)

3. Most of the people you're going to run into through your walk are workers (3ommal bona), so it's normal to smell onion while they're cooking their food and to see them doing dabkeh..

4. Taxi drivers are always there in case you're tired, as every passing taxi will launch a horn when they pass near you, they can't accept the idea that you're WALKING just because you want to.

5. if you think that you woke up early on a Friday morning to start your walk thinking that you're not gonna see people, well you're mistaken, as some couples are one step ahead of you well dressed for breakfast i guess..

6. Amman has the greatest views and an amazing fresh air..

i'll post some pics i took during our walks in a later posts..


Abu 7amarneh said...

i think the couples at friday mornings dont go out,,, those were going back home after a long thursday night ;)

best wishes with your plan,,, keep walking ;) h3h3h3

Omar said...

Yalla, we will wait the pics. I wonder how intresting was that jogging using the digital camera "_)

Allah Ya3teeky alf 3afieh ghaloosh

ghaloosh said...

Abu 7amarneh.. i guess they r out for breakfst :P

omar.. i didn't reach this point yet, hopefully in the coming week :P