Wednesday, March 15, 2006

manipulating with fate..

"What's meant to happen is meant to happen"
i used to believe in that a lot, actually my whole life was based on this rule,if something didn't work out then it's not meant to work out.. everything happens for a reason, we shouldn't interfere with fate..
you can't imagine the inner peace you can have when you actually believe in this as regret seems so far away.
until one day, i thought to my self, what if those things are meant to happen and it just need a little work to make it happen?? what if i'm wasting lots of good things just because i convinced my self with this idea? what if the only thing i want in life that i thought it can't happen ,can actually happen?? so i changed my point of view , i took an action and started working on that issue, i actually became obsessed with this whole thing, i wanna make it happen no matter what, i cared about nothing else..
I ignored all the signs, i didn't listen to anyone.. i just wanna make it happen, i wanna interfere with fate and make the dream a reality..
but again "What's meant to happen is meant to happen"
i realized again that it's 100% true, with all the effort i made, i failed to achieve what i want..
consider it a ghalooshisim and enjoy your inner peace..


Jad said...

This post reminds me of 'Lost' the TV show
actually you should believe in fate but you should never give up as actually there is no way to give up because you can struggle to change something but this is just moving from fate to another fate or could be moving internally inside your fate.

salam said...

The song says:que sera sera,and I love it,and used to sing it to y daughter when she was little,but I don't really believe in it.I believe in people creating their own fate and taking a great grip on the way their life goes.

Abu 7amarneh said...

I dont believe in fate, its something to hide under,,, life is a game of choices and targets,,, people who take the wrong choice or hiting a wrong target are used to call that fate!! and sometimes "bad luck".. the point is,,, there is nothing called fate,, but you have to make the right (not the best) choice and hit,,, boooom,,,

if it didnt work,, then YOU did something wrong,,, and you should try again,, once you blame fate,, you lose


hamede said...

Fate is principle evry one have some.

ghaloosh said...

sometimes u work hard to achieve what u want, but in most cases things wouldn't go the way u planned for, sometimes for the best and sometimes not..
i guess fate plays a role in this.
i've been in situations where everything was going so smoothly then suddenly something will happen and change it, i worked on it but still, nothing happened..

osray said...

I think you are right. Love your blog Ghaloosh.

ghaloosh said...

Thank u ;)