Tuesday, July 19, 2005

yesterday i was watching OPRAH with my sister, she was talking about working mothers. she brought some women to talk about how they do it, how can they manage between their jobs and their family... and i was amazed, some of them would wake up at 4.30 AM so she can be able to finish some stuff before she goes to work, then after spending a long day at work she would come back home to be with her kids and she would go to sleep at 11.30 PM, that would give her only 5 hours to sleep DAILY!!!!!!!! what a life!!!!!!! can you imagine yourself living such a life???? i can't do this.
ya3ni ino ok it's nice to have a career and so but if this thing would stop me from having a life then sorry i'll pass...
i don't wanna enjoy my life when i'm 60 or 70!!!!!!

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