Tuesday, July 26, 2005

here's the thing, playing "midtown madness" on the computer is one thing, but when amman turns to be a "madness" city, that i can't take!!!!
each day i go out and drive through the streets of amman i feel i'm the person inside the yellow beetle car, remember him?? from "midtown madness"???!!! people shouting at you, some taxi driver will hit you and then claim that it's your fault!!!!!! execuse me but you hit me from the back, from the back!!!! and ahhhh the new trend now is people being hit by cars.. i've witnessed one and heard about a couple of stories where someone trying to cross the street and ooooops he's hit by a car... ino sho el 2osssa???
tab3an 2enso the idea that if you wanna go to a place that normally takes 10 minutes to reach, it'll take you one hour now with a wrinkled clothes as a bonus :P
i want my old amman back :(

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