Saturday, July 30, 2005

i hate el 3aj2a, yes i do very much... and sometimes i miss lots of things mshan "kteeer 3aj2a ma beddi".. yesterday i ignored this thing in me(this is part of the i wanna do things i don't usually do plan) and accepted the invitation to wael kfouri's concert in the global village!!!!! ohhhh my god sho 3aj2a kan... i lined in the long queue waiting to enter the stage with lots of kicking from here and there we entered but awkwardly i was happy as the company was fun and i needed such a thing after a stressed day at work....
i like his songs, he has a nice variety of new and old songs.. every one went like crazy when he started singing although he sang for only an hour and the crowd's voice was louder than his, but it was nice..

nice evening wael specially your song "5edni layk" i was lost in music ;)

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