Monday, September 12, 2005

what a morning

every morning i come to work, park my car temporary in front of the main entrance just to check in and then start my daily morning round to find a parking for my car, today some security guy who seems to be kteeeer met7ammes started shouting at me when i parked in front of the entrance, i told him it'll just take less than a second but he didn't even listen and started shouting, i looked at him trying to understand what's his problem , i moved my car a little bit o nzelt mshan a'7tem ofcourse i was giving him this look of i wanna hit you :P then i entered my office to find that a cockroach was playing on my disk :( i had to clean the whole disk with all the drawers... yeah we have lots of them apparently :P
what a morning, hope the rest of my day will be ma2alab free :P

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