Tuesday, September 06, 2005


my friend and i started playing this game "reesheh", we started a month ago, to tell you the truth we started playing like  kids :P and we used to spend the whole game laughing and collecting el reesheh as we were somehow feena 7awal :P
But this has changed, you should see us playing now, of course there's no net :P but really we're doing great in this game, wel ta7sheesh that we have fans now :) yup, wlad el 7ara :P they set and watch with their heads going left and right sometimes they laugh at us but still we have FANS :P
we're thinking seriously of joining the Olympics for badminton game :P
you should try playing it, it's so refreshing and interesting game and it only costs 1.150 JD to buy the rackets and el reesheh !!!! wow :P how expensive is that..


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freddie said...

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